"Our company includes members that are professionals of over 15 years of experience in the field of wireless energy transmission technology."
Are you looking to embed capabilities in previously unconnected products or enable new ideas? Harven can help bring you power where you most need it - to your product.
Harven’s embedded wireless power technology provides long-range, true wireless charging without wires or charging mats to enable completely untethered devices. RF wireless power transmitters pair with high-efficiency receiver chips to enable power-over-distance recharging of multiple devices.
A transmitter sends RF energy over the air to a receiver chip embedded in a device, which converts it to DC to recharge its batteries or directly power the device. This remote charging technology behaves like Wi-Fi where enabled devices automatically charge when within range of a power transmitter. Smart, configurable and controllable, it can automatically activate when devices need charging and turn off when they’re done, or can deliver power continuously or on a scheduled basis.

harvest + energy

Harven is a combination brought from our main technology, harvest energy.
We are a quickly growing wireless technology and product company focusing on wireless power, wireless communications (Bluetooth, NFC, UHF RFID, etc.) and wireless LED lightings.
  • Harven’s capacitive coupling wireless power transmission system is characterized by it’s two sets of asymmetric dipoles consisting of active and passive electrodes positioned on the power transmitting and receiving sides. Power is transmitted using an induction field generated by coupling these two sets of asymmetric dipoles.
  • 1) This configuration achieves a high efficiency wireless power transmission with high positioning flexibility.
  • 2) An electrode unit with high design flexibility.
  • 3) An electrode unit that do not generate heat.


 We use an algorithm to predict the center temperature of the delivery box. The algorithm calculates the center temperature by combining all three temperature values measured from our sensors.
RF Transceiver13.56MHz NFC Standard ProtocolSimultaneous 3CH Temp. Sensing
Box: External 1, internal 2 nodes
ApplicationCold Chain, PharmaceuticalCold Chain Delivery
Pharmaceutical Delivery
MechanismPassiveISO15693 Standard
Tag Sensing Distance40mm (max)If only reader used 50Cm(max)
Product LifeLifetimeWater/dust proof
Temp. range-25 ~ 60˚C±0.5˚C
 This pharmaceutical shipping box with IoT sensor can maintain the appropriate storage temperature during medicine transport and track the temperature in real time through NFC
External Dimensions460 x 350 x 390mm350 x 240 x 300mm
Internal Dimensions360 x 235 x 260mm270 x 155 x 225mm
Payload Dimensions349 x 227 x 260mm210 x 155 x 225mm
Payload Volume22L7L
Tare Weight1.4Kg0.8Kg
Temperature range+2 ~ +8℃+2 ~ +8℃
Duration / Refrigerant24H / PCM(+0℃)5H / PCM(+0℃)
 It operates as a semi-active battery and attaches it to the passive multi-channel sensing tag. Active leader loggers continuously record temperature monitoring from first to last miles every few minutes.
RF TransceiverBLE 5.0 & NFC Support
NFC Standard Protocol
3CH Passive Sensor Tag Link System
MechanismActive Battery Rechargeable3CH Passive Sensor Tag system
DisplayE-paper/ OLED/ LCDTemperature, time, ID, etc
Tag Sensing Distance
40mm (max)
Product LifeUp to one YearAdjustable
Temp. range-40 ~ 85˚C±0.5˚C
The hardware we are providing provides value because it offers a cost-efficient, scalable, solution that enhances user experience in your application fields.
RF ProtocolEPC Global C1G2 V1.2.0ISO18000-6C
Operating Frequency840-960MHzContactless UHF
Memory Size4096-bit48-bit Manufacturer ID
Communication baud rate64 to 320 KbpsAnti-collision algorithm
MechanismPassive or semiactiveUltra-low power
ApplicationAssets, PackagesUHF LED label
Read/Write Range3m(max.)Ultra-long working distance
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"Harven provides our service solutions at the last mile of the Cold Chain.“
Single-use packages are mainly used for delivery distribution processes. However, due to environmental issues, the world is changing by using recyclable and reusable delivery packaging.
We have contributed to this crucial change by implementing our non-battery powered sensor tags into reusable boxes which are delivered in non-refrigerated conditions.
Without opening the box, delivery men use our smart phone app to measure the box’s internal temperature. The app also displays location and time after the point of action. The collected data is then sent to the server for real-time monitoring.

Our Solutions

Experience our exceptional quality cold chain data services including temperature, time, location, and ID.

Be smart with our cost-efficient delivery temperature monitoring service system.

We provide various smart phone application services.

Reduce packaging costs with Harven’s service which is suitable for the low-carbon policy.
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  • #1We make various high-quality cold chain services with the lowest costs.
  • #2We seek cost reduction and customer satisfaction by providing reverse logistics’ asset management and logistics data.
  • #3We provide freshness management services by using big data and artificial intelligence to manage businesses at risk.
  • #4Our objectives are to use returnable logistics containers and contribute to society by providing low-carbon and eco-friendly services.


"Leading Cold Chain Logistics Innovation with non-battery powered sensor tags.“
With Harven’s energy harvesting IoT sensing technology and monitoring server control technology, we provide fresh Cold Chain Logistics quality innovation and the upmost logistics monitoring services.
We produce mass volumes and develop various products with our extensive experience in development. We provide the uppermost services and infrastructure for your company’s needs in many areas with continuous R&D and a platform reflected on technology with competitiveness.
Incheon Startup Park, 204, Convensia-daero, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, 22004, Korea.